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Your rescue-squad is too exhausted

Apr 20 '14

Andy Warhol - Robert Mapplethorpe, 1983


Andy Warhol - Robert Mapplethorpe, 1983

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Apr 19 '14

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Apr 18 '14

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Apr 18 '14

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Apr 16 '14

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Apr 14 '14

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Apr 14 '14


jesse pinkman x boredom

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Apr 14 '14

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Apr 13 '14
And I can’t lift you up cause my mind is tired, it’s family beaches that I desire
That sacred night where we watched the fireworks
They frightened the babies and you know they’ve got two flashing eyes
And if they are color blind, they make me feel, that I’m only what I see sometimes.

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Apr 12 '14

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